About Us

what we do

We share plant-based nutrition tips so you can make healthier lifestyle choices

Our purpose is to make a positive impact on the world by empowering individuals to adopt plant-based diets and lifestyles. We believe that everyone has the power to make conscious choices for their health, the planet, and animal welfare. We are committed to providing the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to make those choices. We seek to inspire and enable positive change and build a community of individuals who share our passion for sustainable and compassionate living


Personal health

We give you plenty of nutrition information, plant-based eating tips and delicious recipes to help you transition to a healthier diet.


Animal welfare

Make your lifestyle choices more compassionate by reducing or eliminating animal products from your diet and consumption behaviours.


Planetary health

Find out how the food you eat affects the environment and how you can make more sustainable choices.

My Story

Meet Claire, passionate about plant-based

I launched Planet Plantastic in March 2020 in order to share my own experiences following a plant-based lifestyle. Since the day I decided to switch to plant-based living in November 2016, I’ve taught myself how to lead a healthy lifestyle without harming animals. I’ve learnt an immense amount on my journey so far about the animal agriculture industry, healthy plant-based eating and nutrition, as well as the environmental impact of our daily lifestyle choices. I hope that you find this website a useful resource and that I inspire you to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle so you can discover for yourself just how wonderful, healthy and rewarding it can be to live cruelty-free.

My Approach

I love cooking so, naturally, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen since I removed meat and dairy from my diet. I share many recipes and cooking tips so you too can create healthy, nutritious and delicious home-cooked vegan cuisine. Good luck on your own plant-based journey!

Unique Framework

I believe strongly that each one of us can have a huge impact on exposing the hidden truths about the wide-scale abuse of animals. By making more conscientious decisions about what we consume, together we can make the world a healthier and more compassionate place.